Wait, what is this site all about?!

Welcome to my website. Since you are viewing this page, you either googled me and ended up here, or you are just browsing through my site after following a link from one of my posts. In any case: welcome!

Paolo Provinciali

I created this site a few years back charmed by the idea of owning the domain with my name, and with all the good intentions of sharing my thoughts with the world. Unfortunately, I haven’t been as regular in updating it as I wanted, mainly because I found out that running a well-maintained blog takes way more time and effort that I was willing to commit.

But I still post on it from time to time, to write about what I find interesting or provide my personal point of view on something: it’s good to step back and express your thoughts in a semi-organized manner. But given how sporadically I update this little blog and my lack of professional writing skills, I would also like to warn any occasional reader that I don’t spend time updating old posts. If it’s true that we grow wiser over time, it also means that there may be some things in old posts that are somehow incorrect or plain wrong.

In essence, you should read this blog and its posts it like an e-mail sent from a smartphone: you may need to overlook the occasional typo, mistake, or lack of nuance, but hopefully, the message still has some added value. After all, you have to appreciate the effort of the guy that spent time writing it up while clumsily walking into stuff (smiley face).