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Welcome to my website! Since you are viewing this page you either googled me and ended up here, you knew this URL, or you are just browsing through my site after following a direct link to one of my posts. In any case: welcome!

I hope you will find this website both entertaining and interesting, and, in case you came here to know more about me, I hope you will found what you were looking for.

This website has two main purposes:

1. Share with the world what I believe it is interesting;

2. Control the information that are available on the internet about me.

Now you will think I have a huge ego, but my intentions are far more humble than “online self-celebration”. Let me explain!

Sharing: there are people out there (among my acquaintances or complete strangers), that have my same interests, and this could be a baseline for a interesting conversation. Unfortunately in my everyday life I do not  neither have the time nor the chance to have a conversation with all the people that share my same interests. This website allows me to set up a virtual conversation with them, with a great efficiency in terms of time and scale (sacrificing though, the enjoyability of a real face-to-face conversation).

Controlling: nowadays there are many ways in which you can be present online, especially through social networks, but it is very hard to shape “virtual identity online”. By fine-tuning the privacy settings of all the online services you are subscribed to, you can limit the amount of information that are available to the general public, but this does not allow you to build a fair representation of yourself. Let’s say for example that I will make my Facebook completely closed to whoever is not a friend of mine, and I open up to everyone my Linked-in profile: in this way, the Paolo Provinciali online, will be only the one defined by his career and his studies. If I open up only my FB profile, no one might ever consider me seriously on a professional side (let’s hope that my FB activity is not as diminishing as I am depicting it here for the sake of my current argument!). If you only look at my Twitter activity I may come out as a geek, and so on. As I was saying, you may be able to control some of the personal information that are available online, but you cannot proactively control your “virtual identity online”. Through a website though, unless you are a famous person (which is definitely not my case!), you control and coordinate the amount of information that revolve around you, in order to proactively manage a communication effort that will shape your “virtual identity online”.

So here is my website. Have fun browsing through the articles and categories, and in case you want to reach out to me, don’t hesitate to drop me a line at info@paoloprovinciali.com.

A presto!

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