Wait, what is this site about?

Hi, my name is Paolo Provinciali, and this is my blog. Since you are reading this page, either you googled me and ended up here, or you browsed through my site after following a link to one of my posts. In any case, welcome!

I created this site a few years back charmed by the idea of owning the domain with my name and with all the good intentions of sharing my thoughts with the world. Unfortunately, I haven’t been as regular in updating it as I wanted, mainly because running a well-maintained blog takes more time and effort that I was ever willing to commit.

Paolo Provinciali

In mid-2018 I decided to re-write this intro to clarify the purpose of this site so that it would allow me to be more efficient in my writing and less ambiguous to the occasional reader.

Since I’m truly passionate about what I do for a living, I decided to use this space to document what’s required to run a successful marketing organization. It is true that there are many sites out there covering this topic, but I believe there is value in providing a practitioner’s point of view. Professional journalists and academics, while extremely insightful in many situations, may lack the day-to-day experience required to fully relate to the nuanced problems faced by the operators. Similarly, those who work for a company providing products or services in the space will likely offer a biased view.

After a bit more than a decade working in marketing, I realized that it’s not the latest technology, revolutionary ideas, or superstar team members that give you an edge on everyone else. It’s consistency. Consistency in having marginally better execution than the average, being methodical in the effort of continuously changing the approach to capture the audience’s attention, and being comfortable with not knowing all the answers. In other words, your chance at success won’t be determined by your best day of performance. It will be determined by the consistency of your average performance over time.

Even if I’m going to be speaking often about new technologies, media, or data sources and applications, I’m not interested in them for the sake of innovation alone. I’m interested in how they force us to continuously change our routines, operations, and beliefs to allow us to leverage them at their full potential. That’s the reason why in this blog I try to focus more on the shift in behavior needed to have the correct execution, more than the specific actions to be taken.

In a nutshell, this blog is about the need for continuously changing the approach to  marketing discipline. I don’t see myself as a guru in the space, but I value the insight brought by expressing thoughts in a semi-organized manner and the thoughtfulness that the public forum forces on you. Besides, I believe there is the added karmic benefit in the possibility of helping someone else by sharing my perspective and experience.

Beside my evident lack of professional writing skills, I would also like to warn any reader that I don’t spend time updating old posts. If it’s true that we grow wiser over time, it also means that there may be some things in past posts that are somehow incorrect or that time has proven wrong. Frankly, you could find that I’m wrong about many things. If you would like to tell me how I could do better, or you found the content interesting or valuable, drop me a line: I will surely appreciate it.

In essence, you should read this blog like an email sent from a smartphone: you may need to overlook the occasional typo, mistake, or lack of nuance, but hopefully, the message still has some added value. After all, you have to appreciate the effort of the guy that spent time writing it up while clumsily walking into stuff (smiley face).




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