Website Back Online After Web Host Disruption

Hello world,

the site is back online after being torn down by the host disruption that has caused the loss of the database containing the website. I know these are the risks of going with low-cost hosting like Top Host, but still it is the worst customer experience ever!

In any case, here is what I’ve learned from this unfortunate event:

  • Low-cost hosting like Top-host give only what you pay for, and this also means no redundancy of the data stored.
  • Always backup your data (and your website), to the point to become obsessive!
  • If you loose everything like me, try to use the cached copy of your page on Google to recover some content, it might save you a lot of time!

I’ll try to put everything back online as soon as possible, in the mean while…check out my Twitter page MrProvinciali.

Catch you later!


Author: Paolo

Economist by education, marketer by profession, coffee roaster by hobby.