What would you like to see here?

When I created this blog I immediately created the About section, but I always struggled to fill it in. I’m not exactly sure what I should have published here.

Starting looking at the Analytics data though, I soon found out that rouughly 1/3 of the people that was reading one of my posts, was then visiting tha About section (maybe wondering “who is this idiot/genius?!”, or maybe were just my friends and acquaintances eager to find out what I had written about me).

This is the reason why I decided to do what any smart website owner should do: let it’s audience tell him what they were looking for!


It only takes one second, let me know what you think. When I’ll have enough replies I’ll fill this section in.


(Don’t worry! The survey is anonymous, I won’t know who you are, only what you voted!)


Author: Paolo

Economist by education, marketer by profession, coffee roaster by hobby.